Waste, Fraud & Abuse

Let’s put an end to the two parties running our state and communities into the ground!  Don’t you think it’s about time we, the voters of CA, had more than two choices?  (FACT: there are over 400 political parties in CA!).

We are seeing more fraud, waste, & abuse in all levels of govt.  Our own U.S. Congress has about a 10% approval rating!  (Could you imagine if your boss, or your spouse had that type of support and trust?)   It’s time for the duopoly to end!  I am putting PEOPLE before divisive, corrupt PARTY POLITICS.   No more false (and broken) promises. No more b.s.-ing us every election cycle. We’ve had enough. 

You want to know where all your taxpayer dollars are going (other than the train-to-nowhere)?  Click on this link to TransparentCalifornia.com.  (I recommend you sit down, because it’s going to make you sick to your stomach!  I urge you to compare what YOU make each month and compare it to all these government employees with guaranteed pensions, stipends and benefits!)   Where’s YOUR guaranteed pension?  Why are people working as public servants making WAY more than the people they represent?  Are you starting to see something here that doesn’t make sense?   Let’s break the habit of just voting for Democrats & Republicans.  They’ve brainwashed us & lied over and over and over again, with no accountability for their failings.

I’m running for office to represent YOU!  I am NOT beholden to any special interests, lobbyists, or influencers.  This election is about YOU.  The government THINKS it knows what’s best for you & as it continues to grow and enact more and more rules, taxes and legislation, while our freedoms are getting squeezed into oblivion.  Who knows what’s best for YOU? — you or the government?  

I believe in how our Founding Fathers envisioned government: one that ensures and protects our LIFE, LIBERTY & PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!    (do these career politicians make you feel happier?….I didn’t think so!)   JOIN ME!