How am I voting on Propositions?


I will outline each of the Propositions that will be on the ballot, and whether I am voting “YES” or “NO”, with a brief explanation of WHY.  I value your feedback on these Propositions, or ANY topic you wish to discuss.

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PROP 1: No  (there are many existing VA programs at the state and national level.  This is yet another slush fund for irresponsible politicians.  The courageous thing to do is CUT SPENDING on other wasteful programs (including inflated “public servant” salaries, benefits and guaranteed pensions, in order to support THE PEOPLE, not the special interests, big donors, and large corporations.

PROP 2: Yes. Although this, too, is probably another slush fund for incompetent career-politicians, and most of the money would be going to buildings NOT treatment, I strongly believe we need more public AND private investment in mental health (clinics, rehab, housing, treatments, etc).

PROP 3: No.  Massive expense (tax) that makes recreation and wildlife more of a priority than farmers with no money allocated to build dams to collect water. Prop 68 already passed in June, allocating $4.8B, and this money will be “continually appropriated” which is another way of saying “no oversight”.   This state already has WAY too much debt.

PROP 4: No.  Why should tax payers pay to support this, when 72% (or more) of the $1.5B will go to two PRIVATE “non-profit” organizations?  The Hollywood elite and super wealthy 1%-ers can do a few fundraising events and raise this WITHOUT the taxpayers having to shell out more of their hard-earned money.

PROP 5: Yes.   This bill allows disabled and seniors who are on fixed incomes, the ability to sell their homes and transfer their tax basis to another new home, regardless of the price, which also increases the turnover of homes, allowing more opportunities for first-time homebuyers to find a place to live, while fixing up older homes needing significant repairs and capital improvements.

PROP 6: Yes.  Let’s repeal the ridiculous “gas tax” from last year, which is nothing more than massive govt waste, fraud and abuse.  The same deadbeat legislators and Governor have been promising new and improved roads, bridges, and infrastructure for years….just like the bullet train to no where & other boondoggles…..the only thing that has improved are the benefits these career politicians have been paying themselves, and the benefits for unions who control them.   End the cycle of irresponsible financial mismanagement!

PROP 7: Yes.  I’m fairly indifferent on this one.  A “yes” vote means no more clock changes, and I think (even if that means some of us get up and/or go to bed when its dark), it will harmonize things and keep consistent with federal law(s) and the rest of the nation.

PROP 8: No.  Let’s not shut down clinics and risk the lives of vulnerable people.  When the government starts regulating how much private companies make and what their policies and procedures should be, then we need to re-evaluate whether or not we have a true “democracy”, “liberty” and “freedom”.  I do NOT believe in big govt control.  Government certainly has a role, but it should not continue to infringe on the lives of its citizens.

PROP 9: (REMOVED FROM THE BALLOT BY THE SUPREME COURT OF CA……who seems to know what is best for all of us, even though the people who got this on the ballot, followed the rules and did everything they were supposed to do).  Shame on lawyers for not allowing the voters of CA to think for themselves!

PROP 10: No. Rent control sure does sound wonderful, but if it passes, it will have a devastating effect on the real estate market here in CA.  Governments should NOT be in the business of regulating markets and telling us how much money we can or can’t make.  If we are going to cap the earning potential of landlords by controlling how much rent they can charge, does that mean we should also cap their expenses for things like property taxes, insurance, and utilities?  ….because all those costs are going higher!   With less money to work with, and little incentives to build new housing, the housing affordability in this state will get way worse.  As the San Jose Mercury News said “the answer to fix housing affordability is NOT to control rents, it’s to BUILD MORE HOUSING!”

PROP 11: Yes.  Let’s not put other human beings at risk because some people are “on break”, whether they are unionized workers or not.  C’mon people, this is common sense.  All lives matter!

PROP 12: Yes.  These “upgraded” confinement initiatives are the right thing to do, but as consumers, we need to be aware that by implementing these measures, the costs of pork and poultry products will go up.  We should take a hard look at our commercial food production practices and decide if we are really doing all we can to maximize health & safety standards while also having integrity, ethics and humaneness when dealing with animals.


1. Charter Amendment B: No.  Set up a city-owned bank.  How can our financially irresponsible govt even fathom opening up a financial institution of their own.  Yikes!

2. Charter Amendement E: Yes. Realigns city and state elections. Saves money. Common sense.

3. Charter Amendment EE: Yes. Realigns LAUSD and state election dates. Saves money. Common sense.