Let’s face it, we aren’t the only ones who want to live where we do.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as blessed and fortunate as we are.  Homelessness has become a chronic and systemic failure of our government to support its own citizens.  The one true responsibility of government: to protect its own people…..and they can’t even get this one thing done!  Ugh!

Kicking the can down the road with false promises, increases in taxes, and failure after failure hasn’t produced the results we expect as citizens.  We don’t feel safe anymore! 

There are hundreds of non-profit groups and plenty of unused or under-utilized local, city and county buildings, land, and parking lots that can (and should) be used, along with private donations, to help remedy this tragic situation.  We as taxpayers approved HHH and other taxes and measures, but yet, once again (go figure!) NOTHING is getting done, time is wasting away, the problem is growing, and most importantly, more homeless people who need: housing, counseling, rehab services, mental health coverage, VA care, etc. are NOT getting it!   Where is the accountability?  

Instead of galavanting around the country in a future failed Presidential bid, Mayor Eric Garcetti should be focusing on solving problems right here in Los Angeles first!  Another phenomenal example of career (and legacy) politicians putting their own interests ahead of the voters and citizens they were supposed to be helping.   I will change this, day 1!   Isn’t it time we tried something NEW?