Exposing people to pollution without their consent is a violation of rights and should be treated as such. Polluters, either public or private, should be required to make full compensation for any personal injuries or property damages that they cause.     (Do an online search of: SoCal Gas & Porter Ranch) 

Private and public enterprises should always be held accountable, and fail to exist if they have lost the public’s faith and their financial viability.   Governments at ANY level should NOT be bailing out anyone, especially those claiming to be “too big to fail”!

We need to do a better job of protecting our coastlines, have safe beaches (where we AND our dogs can run free!) as well as clean oceans to swim and surf in.   People from around the world come to Southern California, especially the 26th Senate District!, so let’s all work together (public & private) to keep our communities and environment clean for the future generations.