Education is THE #1 issue that needs to be fixed in CA.  How can we have the world’s 5th largest economy, yet ranked 49th (out of 50) in the quality of education.  US News & World Report ranked California LAST, yes 50th!, in “Quality of Life”!

California trails much of the country when it comes to public education, according to Education Week’s new state rankings.

The magazine ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on three categories — chance for success, K-12 achievement and school finance.

California received a “C-” overall, notching “D+” grades in K-12 achievement and school finance, ranking #42 nationally!  WTF?

Here’s another article from The USA Today in Feb of this year:  California has the largest network of public schools in the country — and also one of the worst-performing. Only 29.2% of fourth graders in the state are proficient in math, and only 27.8% are proficient in reading — each the third lowest share of any state.   My friends: how have the Democrats & Republicans been doing for your kids?  

It gets better: California spends way more annually to incarcerate someone in prison than we spend on each child in our public schools!   This is absurd!  Do you really think THIS election is going to be any different?  More false promises from career politicians who have their priorities out of whack!  Stop the madness and the embarrassing failures we continue to throw at our kids. I will fix this!