Criminal Justice

The proper focus of a system of criminal justice is to require criminals to provide restitution to the victims of their crime. I recognize the right of the victim to pardon or come to a private settlement with the criminal. I oppose all laws creating “crimes” without victims. I will not abide unreasonable sentencing or preferential treatment for the rich.  Everyone gets the same spanking.

Private prisons create a perverse profit motive to incarcerate more citizens. Where prisons exist, they should be run by the state, and their only purpose is to separate those who inflict physical harm on others from civil society. Imprisonment should be considered a last resort to prevent violent offenders from continuing to inflict violence against others.

I believe in utilizing technology to track criminals without incarcerating them.  I believe in justice without regard to race or social status.

I believe that once you’ve done your time and paid your bill the slate should be cleaned without record of past misdeeds.