Hello, I’m Baron

And i represent an independent california

one Trick Pony

I’m a California Native, I live here.  I work here.  I employ here, and I’m listening to the MAJORITY of Californian’s that are FED UP with the Pepsi vs. Coke Challenge of the Two Party System.  Neither one is bad, but neither one is good.  Let’s bridge the gap and come up with the GOOD for California! 

Gas Tax

When it really comes down to it, this is just a huge tax on the working poor.  It’s a tax on getting to work and back home again to take your kids to soccer.  It’s another tax because our Legislature WILL NOT live within its means.  It’s a tax because our legislature has over-promised and under-delivered (again!) and will not stand up for the voters. Let’s face it: our govt is financially irresponsible and disrespectful!

Clean Elections

My competitor Senator Allen and I AGREE on this one.  There is TOO MUCH MONEY IN POLITICS.  However, he is swimming in $1m+ in mostly union contributions, thus guaranteeing that you, the voter, will be paying more and more money (in higher taxes) to cover the rising salaries, benefits and guaranteed pensions of govt employees that Senator Allen will be protecting.

Unlocking Education

FACT: Our public education system SUCKS.  Unions, overpaid school board members, restrictions on school choice, low pay for teachers, over-crowded classrooms, and curriculum that doesn’t advance the future of our students is shameful.  I will work tirelessly to bring cohesive, sustainable, but aggressive and meaningful improvements to ALL levels of our educational system.

Corporate Friendly

We used to be the best place to start a company, now companies are leaving at a tremendous rate.  I will work to keep our jobs in California.  I will strive to ensure good jobs and better profits for business owners.

I will work to make it easier, and more cost effective for anyone, regardless of race or economic stature to start, fund and thrive in a new business initiative.  It shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars more to support a fruitless bureaucracy to build your California dream.

Innovative entrepreneurs and small businesses are what make Southern California so special. Let’s keep it that way!

A Responsible Clean Environment

Restrictions and Education aren’t going to do it.  We need to go after the biggest environmental criminals — the GOVERNMENT and CORPORATIONS.  But we also need incentives for multi-family housing, for recycling, and we need to restore a sense of pride in our communities because at the end of the day, we’re really the ones responsible for our environment.

Harsh criminal penalties for perpetrators matched with lush incentives for responsible participants, without new taxes on individuals or small businesses.

Keep our swimming and surfing beaches clean, and make sure we have reliable, safe drinking water and fresh air to breath.

Private Ownership

Let’s face reality.  Private ownership of business, of property, of beliefs, of lifestyles is the cornerstone of the American Dream.  I will work until my fingers bleed to wrest back control of our rights and property and free them from the grips of an overbearing government which only serves itself and not the people who work day in and day out to reserve their rights and protect their property and future.  Long ago the State forgot it’s purpose, and that is to serve the people, not the other way around.  I believe we need to reduce taxes, eliminate ridiculous regulations, create a smart and effective government that serves the people, not the other way around.

I will Make Your Concerns a Priority.

I certainly will.


I’ve been fortunate and privileged enough to enjoy a lifelong education via solid public schools, college, a masters and ongoing education to become a success.  Not everyone gets that, and my path isn’t the right one for everyone.  Let’s examine how we teach, how we learn, what we study and where and how we pay for it individually and collectively to prepare ourselves and future generations for success.

Reduce Economic Down Trends

Too many regulations.  Too many barriers.  Too many taxes.  Too FEW Resources to help our small business, minority, women and other communities succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  AND A FAILED EDUCATION SYSTEM THAT SERVES NEITHER TEACHERS OR STUDENTS and stiffles economic growth.

Let’s Talk About Traffic

LA Traffic is the WORST!  Anyone that says it’s normal is out of their mind!   Our public transportation is for shit, and we all know it’s true.  As one of the major economic centers in the Golden State we need to have Senatorial Representation that looks for solutions, not just trading favors for special interests.
Let’s make sure California keeps seeing beautiful sunsets!

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